Style and Colour Consultation

A great Consultation is about asking the questions and then listening, especially to the answers. To find solutions.

If you feel frustrated and invisible when it comes to your style and your sense of self, then Ikon's ID Consultation is for you.

Who is it for?

Anyone who feels that they are unheard or not listened to when it comes to finding their true style ID,

Not sure what suits YOU anymore? Looking for a Change?

Need advice and direction, looking for a salon that listens, then this consultation is for YOU.

Style ID
During your in-depth consultation we will help you figure out what your style preferences are, these are strongly connected to your unique personality and your lifestyle. Style preferences and  face shape play a key role in finding your individual look, your 'Style ID'

Colour ID

Here we will help to access your skin tone, are you cool or warm? What is your best depth is it light, medium or dark? Are you a contractor or a blender ( do you need colours that pop or more natural tones )all of these are important questions that need answering when choosing your ideal hair colour, the colour and technique that is right for you, your individual look your 'Colour ID'

A personalised hair plan is carried out during the consultation.

At IKON we place great importance on training our team so they can offer great consultations to all our clients.
The  team  have all been  trained by  world-renowned London-based leading colour and image consultant Michelle Blake

 Our team will give you the confidence to move your hair in a new direction!

Due to the time factor involved, our ID Style and Colour Consultation is available by appointment only and must be booked in conjunction with your cut /colour or both.

If you are new to the salon or it has been a while since you visited, a patch test will be required, before your colour service (a minimum of 48 hours) however, it only takes a few minutes and it will give your stylist a chance to meet you before your appointment.