Meet Valerie, Ikon’s Training and Consultancy Instructor.

Valerie Finnegan Cahill, creator of The Salon Success Series is a highly accomplished salon owner, educator, and mentor with over 26 years of experience in the hair industry.

Her own salon Ikon Hair Cork has been recognised for many accolades of excellence, winning The Fantastic Hairdresser Salon of the Year three times, National Training Salon of the Year Award three times, and notably, her salon was the first Irish salon ever to win an award at the Creative Head Most Wanted Awards in London, when they won the coveted Supreme Team Award.

Passionate about the hairdressing industry, Valerie is dedicated to sharing her extensive knowledge and skills with salon owners, managers, and hairdressers. Her goal is to empower them to be brave, confident, and strive for excellence in their careers.

The Salon Success Series” is a testament to Valerie’s commitment to the industry. This comprehensive umbrella programme offers a range of transformative courses that cover essential aspects of success in the hair industry.

Join Valerie on this journey of success and unlock your full potential in the hair industry.

Enroll in “The Salon Success Series” today and embark on a path towards excellence.


1: The Brave Salon Leader Course

2: The Consultation Connection Course

3: Building a Powerhouse Team Course

4: The Salon Culture Programme

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    About Ikon Training and Consultancy

    We are passionate about education, teaching ourselves and our clients every day to ensure we are all learning.

    We are always looking for ways to expand our knowledge and offer an even better experience for our clients.

    We are authentic, we believe in building a shared trust between our clients and ourselves, based on honesty and transparency. Having conversations that are both frank and honest.

    We care, we listen, we spend the time to getting to know you, providing a unique one-on-one experience to all our clients. What are their needs and desires? We listen to their personal style preferences, their lifestyle, their expectations, then and only then, do we make a plan.

    Inclusion; We are about belonging and friendship, a place where everyone knows your name, a haven where you can leave life’s stresses at the door and relax for a few hours with friends.

    Ikon is about supporting and working together. To create a workspace where we share knowledge freely so that we can always be improving.

    Finally, we believe in having fun and being curious, not taking ourselves too seriously so we can enjoy each other and be open to new ideas, change and experiences, that will enrich us and keep us moving forward as a company.