Val shares ikon’s story…

In 1981 my dad , Michael Finnegan got me my first part-time job in a local salon at the age of 13.

In 1984, I left school and looked for a full-time position in the industry.

I marched up the stairs of Victor Frank’s salon in 42 Marlboro Street and I asked Victor for a job…… he said no.

13 years later I was the manager and trainer of Victor Frank’s.
After years of hard work and happy times I decided it was time to venture out of my own.

I was keen to share my knowledge and experience and I began developing a close-knit positive team.

My aim was to open a salon where passion and education were key so I had to create an environment that nurtured and developed this while celebrating friendship and growth.

So that’s exactly what I did I opened Ikon on Princes Street in 1997.

After another relocation and one global pandemic, later ikon hair has travelled full circle and we are now back where it all began….in 42 Marlboro Street.

Why Ikon?

IKON hair

Home to fabulous hair, memorable service and long-lasting friendships.

IKON hair is a small haven of luxury where our clients can press pause from their everyday worries

and come to be looked after by our team and feel in safe hands at our salon.

Our unbeatable service is anchored with over 20-years experience and over 30 industry awards, our clients feel in safe hands at our salon

Our ID consultation is a consultation that is as unique as you

We care about our customer’s experience, we want them to feel comfortable and happy during their appointment and after they leave.

It’s important for us to understand each one of our customers.

An essential part of our services is to discover each customers personality, likes dislikes, skin tone, face shape and personal style.

This helps us deliver a personalised, caring service that will make it memorable. We take the time to understand the person in the chair to create the perfect look for them.

About Us

We are Passionate about Education, teaching ourselves and our clients every day so we are all learning, we are always looking for ways to expand our knowledge and offer an even better experience for our clients.

We are Authentic, we believe in building a shared trust between our clients and ourselves, based on honesty and transparency. Having conversations that are both frank and honest, never over
promising but always going that extra mile to deliver.

We Care, We Listen, we spend the time to get to know you, providing a unique one-on-one experience to all our clients. What are their needs and desires? We listen to their personal style
preferences, their lifestyle their expectations, then and only then do we make a plan.

Inclusion, we are about belonging and friendship, a place where everyone knows your name, a haven where you can leave life’s stresses at the door and relax for a few hours with friends.

Ikon is about Supporting and Working Together, to create a workspace where we share knowledge freely so we might all improve and where everyone rallies around if someone is having a tough time to make every day a better day.

Finally, We believe in having fun and being Curious, not taking ourselves to serious so we can enjoy each other and be open to new ideas, change and experiences, that will  enrich us and keep us moving forward as a company.

Passionate, Personable and Professional,  – that’s Ikon for you.


Ikon has been smashing industries boundaries for over 20- years with well over 30 Awards under our belt.

Our awards include:

National Training Salon of the Year…….
National Salon of the Year… Winning both three times!
Ikon was the first Irish salon ever to be recognised in the Industries highly acclaimed Creative Head’s Most Wanted Award Ceremony
Ikon took home the first award ever to be given to an Irish salon and it was for their team winning ‘Supreme Team’  at The Guildhall in London.


2019 Ikon won Cork Business of the Year (SME)
2019 The Irish Hairdressing Federation presented Valerie with the ICON Award.
2018 Ikon won The National Salon of the Year …The Fantastic Hairdresser Awards
2017 Ikon won The National Salon of the Year…The Fantastic Hairdresser Awards
2016 Ikon won ‘The Supreme Team Award ' in London
(1st Ever Irish Salon to win an award in London at Creative Head's Most Wanted Awards)
2017 Ikon won The National Salon of the Year…The Fantastic Hairdresser Awards
2016 Ikon won ‘The Supreme Team in London
2015 Won National Training Salon of the Year (IHBA)
(We are now one of 3 salon's in Ireland to be in The Hall of Fame for winning this category 3
2015 Won The National Photographic Image Award
2015 Shortlisted (final3) Cork Retailer of the Year
2014 Finalists in the Photographic Awards
2012 Winners of National Social Responsibility Award  (IHBA)
2012 Finalist in Photographic Awards (Best of the Best)
2012 Awarded Employee of the Year in Cork Network Awards

2011 Won Cork Network Business Woman of the Year
2011 Won Cork Network Overall winner of the Perpetual Award
2011 Won National Business Woman of the Year
2011 Won The All-Star Award by the Irish Hairdressing Federation
2011 Won The Cork C Woman Of The Year For Style
2011 Won Web Site of the Year 2011 (IHBA)
2010 Won Munster Salon of the Year Award (IHBA)
2010 Placed 1st place in Senior Gents 3rd in junior Fantasy
2010 Won National Customer Care Award (IHBA)
2009 1st in Cork’s Haute Couture Gents Full Fashion
2009 Won National Training Salon Of The Year (IHBA)
2009 2nd place in Cork’s Haute Couture Ladies Full Fashion
2008 Won Stylist of the Year at the Hair Awards
2008 Won Business Director of the Year (IHB)
2007 Munster Salon of the Year (IHBA)
2007 Finalists in the L’Oreal Colour Trophy
2007 Chosen for the L’Oreal Artist Team
2007 Overall winners of the Cork Creative Styling Competition
2006 Finalists in the L’Oreal Colour Trophy/Gents Competition
2005 Finalists in the L’Oreal Colour Trophy /Next Generation
2005 Finalists in the I.H.F Photographic Awards
2004 Placed second in The L’Oreal Colour Trophy
2004 Finalists in the L’Oreal Colour Trophy / Next Generation
2004 Represented Ireland in Paris as part of ‘Team Ireland’ (Competed against 22 other countries and came 4th )
2003 We were placed 6th in The I.H.F Ladies Competition
*IHBA Irish Hairdressing Business Awards