Hi my name is Valerie
Position: Salon Director/ Level 1
Working Week: Wednesday & Thursday 9am -7pm (8am appointments available on request) and Friday 8am – 6pm

I am the founder of Ikon Hair Cork. My passion for what I do is fueled by the people I surround myself with every day in the salon….the team and my clients. I love the difference we can make to people’s lives just by taking the time to sit and listen to their needs, pain points and desires.
I believe if there’s one thing that’s a game-changer, it’s the consultation, done right it can change peoples perception of themselves and their hair, this is why we developed our own unique ID Consultation.
I love all aspects of hairdressing but… I am a cutter, I love cutting, all types of hair, short, long, curly, straight!
My love for both have led me into education, I teach bespoke courses on both cutting and consulting.

I have over 30 years experience in our industry, 10 of those years working as a Joico cutting educator, specializing in technical and creative cutting.

I am passionate about motivating and encouraging hairdressers of all levels to elevate their skill set, not only in the art of cutting. But by Instilling knowledge and confidence in all areas, focusing on the importance of the consultation, the culture of the salon and it’s team and how these impact on your clients and your teams experience.

Favorite Colour: Baby Blue
Star Sign: Aquarius
Book: Soooo many…A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, The Select & The Magic by Rhonda Byrne, Good to Great by Jim Collins, Benedictus by John O Donohue
Hobbies: I love spending time with my family and friends, driving my Harley 883 & Dragster 650. I support Mellon Educate by travelling to Africa every year to build schools in the townships, each year I work as a plasterer.
Favorite Product: I love Joico’s Violet range as they keep my blonde from going to warm, especially the violet moose mixed with the blonde life veil…amazing !!!!
Top Hair Tip: 1st thing in the morning …and I mean 1st thing, dry blow-dry your hair before your scalp cools down also brilliant for getting rid of those stubborn cows licks…hey presto great looking hair… not bed head.
Instagram: @ikonvalerie @ikonhair

Hi my name is Maria
Position: Senior Stylist/ Level 2
Working Week: Wednesday & Thursday 8am -8pm (7am appointments available on request) Friday (8am – 6pm & the last Saturday of every month 8am – 3pm. Extra hours will be available during December.

I started hairdressing when I was 21 so I’m in the industry now for 12 years and absolutely love my job. Every day I am doing what I love and having amazing chats with my clients, who I love.

My favourite colour: Has to be black. Blondes in the Salon and Elephants Breath for my favourite house colour
My Star Sign: My star sign is Scorpio but I’m not into all that.
My favourite Book: I’m all about positivity so my favourite book is The Secret. Whenever I feel a little bit negative I can just open any page and feel lifted. I do love a good true prison book as well. Marching Powder is brilliant.
My Hobbies: Organisation, exercising, cleaning, gardening and having a few vinos
My favourite Product: Will always be Joico Joifull for creating volume. This whole product range has helped thicken up my hair and gives great volume.  Brilliant for men with thinning hair also.
My top tip: I think everyone already knows this. After drying your hair, twist your hair in a bun at the top of your head, spritz with Joico Hair Shake and off to bed for a full bouncy look in the morning.
Insta: @MariaSwannikonstylist

Hi My Name is Daniel
Position: Senior Stylist/ Level 2
Working Week: Tuesday – Saturday

I’ve been working in the hair industry since 2010!
I love my job, every aspect of it… from spending time with my clients, cutting and all elements of colour, learning new techniques and developing my skillset even further every day in an environment that celebrates growth.

My Favourite Colour: Depends on my mood it’s either teal/turquoise or purple.
Star Sign: I am a Taurus!
Favourite Book: I am absolutely obsessed with all the Harry Potter book!! They’ve even inspired my tattoo sleeve.
Favourite Product:  I have curly hair so I’m obsessed with Zero Heat for naturally curly hair! It calms it and gives it a gorgeous soft curl! It’s fab! People who don’t have time to blow dry their hair but still like that blow-dried look!
Top Hair Tip: For hair that tangles easily, start brushing out your hair from the bottom up using lustre lock spray and it’s a dream.
Insta: @d.shine.hair

Hi, my name is Ana
Position: Stylist/ Level 2
Working Week: Tuesday – Saturday

I started hairdressing back in Croatia and I’m in the industry 6 years now.
I absolutely love my job, I’m so excited to be working with such great people and I can’t wait to meet you.

My Favorite Colour: All shades of red but in the salon, it’s blonde… all shades
My Star Sign: My star sign is Libra
My Favourite Book: Any  cookbook, but maybe traditional food is my favourite
My Hobbies: Long walks and spending time with my family and  friends
My Favourite Product: K-Pak serum, it makes hair so healthy and luxurious, It’s my best hair friend.
My Top Tip: Before going to sleep, put in two French braids for wavy hair in the morning.
Insta: @anadomic

Hi my name is Nicole
Position: Graduate Stylist / Level 3

I am graduate Stylist in ikon, in the last 3 years, I have learned so much and grown as a person.
I work alongside an amazing team that motivates and inspire me every day.

My favourite colour: Red
My star sign: Aquarius.
My favourite book: The secret, I swear by it. I love what the book represents which is a positive way of thinking.
My Hobbies: I to meet up with friends and to go for walks when we have the weather.
My favourite Product: I love working with hair shake. This product creates volume to the hair without leaving the hair looking or feeling sticky.
My top tip: It’s a game-changer …..by blow-drying the front section of your hair forward it creates natural volume and movement.

Hi my name is Nick
Position: Apprentice/ Level 4
I’m an apprentice in Ikon since October 2019. The moment I walked in the door of Ikon I knew it was the home I wanted to progress my training in.
I love building relationships with my regular clients, creating my ever expanding ikon client family. I’m currently enjoying doing colour and I love being part of someone’s colour journey, it’s always interesting and exciting especially when they always get such great results.
The diversity of my work is what inspires and excites me every day. As any of you who have met me would know I’m outgoing and chatty, the ikon is such a great environment which allows me to be myself and have fun on the job while always keeping the high standard of work, thanks to the great teamwork of the ikon team.

Favourite Colour: Baby Blue
Star Sign: Capricorn
Hobbies: Horse Riding / Training, Walking, Swimming
Favourite Product:  Joico blonde life brightening veil
Top Hair Tip: Always Towel Dry hair before applying conditioner
Insta: @nick.twomey

My name is Sinead
Position: Apprentice/ Level 4

I am 22 years old. All areas of hairdressing interest me, colour, in particular, is my favourite. I love to educate clients on home care and how to use Joico to get the best lasting results with their hair. My favourite saying goes “life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be!”

My favourite colour: All kinds of grey
My star sign: Pisces
My favourite book: Reading isn’t really a passion of mine, but I love Netflix and the Cinema
My hobbies: I love shopping and all things fashion! I also like to bake in my spare time, I’ve got a real sweet tooth, as well as socialising with family and friends.
My favourite product: Has to be Joico Ironclad Thermal Protectant Spray. It keeps my hair safe while straightening or curling.
My top tip: This definitely has to be combing through conditioner while in the shower, this leaves your hair feeling like silk and tangle-free.
Instagram: @sineadcahill19